Revolution Series

Mixed Bed System

The Westinghouse Revolution water refiner is a whole-house water system that offers your family peace of mind with consistent, high-quality water. It works around the clock, ensuring that your entire house receives the trouble-free benefits of refined, clean, and soft water. Clothes and linens will be softer, brighter, and last longer. Water spots, scaling of water-using appliances and fixtures, soap scum, and other water quality issues will become distant memories.

The Westinghouse Revolution uniquely separates filtering medias into different chambers. Physically separating the media with a Compartmentalized Intellitank improves each layer's contaminant removal performance, extends the life of the primary filtering resin, and helps to eliminate water channeling, or uneven water flow through the system. In order to replicate similar filtering performance, competitive products would require multiple tanks, significantly increasing both up-front and operational costs.

  • More economical and more efficient
  • Decreased water usage
  • Increases media efficiency to reduce contaminants
  • Increased longevity of filtering medias
  • Ability to exchange media without affecting other media

Revolutionary Features

Compartmentalized Intellitank - The integrated distribution plate compartmentalizes the mineral tank, providing physical separation of the medias, allowing the Revolution Series to perform the same purification work of much larger multi-tank systems in a space-saving, more efficient, single-tank design.

Innovative Lift-and-Spin - Water flow completely separates the particles of the media – a process called fluidization – which enables the Revolution Series refiner to achieve more efficient cleaning with significantly less water flow, providing substantial water and salt savings compared to less sophisticated whole-house softeners and conditioners.

EcoFlow - EcoFlow Regeneration refers to the self-cleaning process of the Revolution Series Westinghouse refiner. The regeneration is computer controlled to maximize the efficiency of the cleaning process. Using industry leading technology such as proportional brining, the salt amount is perfectly matched to regenerate only the portion of the resin bed that is exhausted, reducing salt usage.

Six Cleaning Cycles - The Westinghouse Revolution Series has six fully adjustable separate Cleaning Cycles. When properly programmed by your technician, the system is capable of impressive regenerant efficiencies.

Service Interval Alert - The system reminds you that it’s time for preventive service by prompting you to call your dealer.

Treated Water Brining - Treated Water Brining is a feature of the Revolution Series. Cleaning the system with treated water extends the life of the filtering media and ensures optimum water quality and capacity.

Calendar Override - The Calendar Override ensures the refiner is kept in a fresh, clean state, even when it’s not in use. This feature enables the system to go into regeneration after a predetermined number of days, even if the metered water usage hasn’t triggered an automatic regeneration. This is very helpful during periods of non-use or low use.

Extra Water on Demand - At the press of a button you can ready the system to deliver conditioned water for an extra-large crowd or spring cleaning chores.

1” Controller - With a minimum of a 1” Controller & Distributor, Westinghouse whole house refiners offer very high flow rates, enabling them to keep up with high levels of water usage in the home.

NVRAM - When your Westinghouse water refining professional installs your new Westinghouse refiner, they will program the computer valve with many water quality and system capacity settings. These settings are stored in NVRAM – non-volatile memory, just like your home computer. So if the system loses power, even for days or weeks, no service call will be required to reprogram the system once power is restored.

Backup Power - Speaking of power, all Westinghouse refiners provide their own backup power should power be lost. A reliable coin cell lithium battery provides up to 8 hours of continued monitoring after a power failure.